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The fjord similar lake is the highest bathing lake of the alps (930 m), with a length of 11,5 km and the fourth biggest watersheet Carinthia`s. The "Ostufer" stand under conservation, because of the singular nature beauty. (A few years ago, the conversion to a natural park took place.) The water has drinkwater quality and it is so clear and pure like a mountain brook.

Weissensee Weissensee
In the summer the Weissensee achieves an average temperature of about 23 degrees. The turquoise blue water invites to swimming, diving, sailing, surf-biking, fishing etc....... The fostered public baths, with shallow nature bathing beach is particullarly family friendly.

A shipping company invites you to explore the lake, with a steamer, an electric boat or a rowing boat.

In the winter is the lake the biggest nature ice area of Europe and so a paradise for all ice sport fashions.


The traffic arm, long racked high valley, with several village, is one of the most beautyful holiday designation Carinthia`s. The community Stockenboi reaches from the "Unteres (inferior) Drautal" till the 22 km disconnected "Ostufer" of the Weissensee and counts with about 100 km² to the biggest communities.

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Wasserfall Wasserfall im Winter
Once upon a time ...

Weissensee 1934
Weissensee in 1934

Weissensee east bank

Farchtnersee with Bauer in Boden

Haus Stanitzer
House Stanitzer and former restaurant Kavallar

Goldeck panoramic street

The Goldeck panoramic street is one of the most brilliant excursion street in Carinthia, because of the fantastic outlook over the mountains and valleys. After 14,5 km you will arrive the end parking lot "Seetal", at a see height of 1.900 m. Here you can enjoy the nature and do hiking.

In winter the ski area Goldeck is achieveable over the duty free panoramic street or from Spittal/Drau with the gondola. Further information you will find/maintain..

Experienceland Carinthia

With the "Kärnten Card"you can visit about 100 excursion aims in Carinthia. The "Kärnten Card" costs EURO 39,--/adult and EURO 19,--/ kid, without additional entry charges.

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